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Prime Tracker – UK Stock Locator

Prime Tracker are dedicated to helping our UK customers get their hands on Prime Hydration and Prime Energy drinks when they need them the most, at a price that you are happy with. 

We do not have access to stock unfortunately ourselves, so instead we have set ourselves the mission to find not only the cheapest Prime drink stocks available online and in the UK but to also find the places that could be local to you that are sitting on stock that you never even knew about! 

While our Prime Tracker site tries to ensure that all stocks and pricing of displayed products are true and up to date, we ask sellers to provide us with their stock levels and pricing, so that we can share that with you.

We always advise that you check the price and location of the product before purchasing as we are not affiliated with the sellers in any way.

That said, should you purchase your Prime through our UK Prime Tracker app that pulls listings from major sites such as eBay and Amazon, we could be provided a small percentage of your purchase in the way of an affiliate commission, this fee is collected from the seller only and is never added to your total.


We know that getting your hands on stock of Prime Hydration drinks is not an easy task and while there are retailers out there selling the product either for the RRP of £2 per bottle or close to it, we want to help you find where you can buy prime hydration near you without the need to pay the massively overpriced offering of corner shops and the online market. is the only free prime drink tracker online, providing our followers with stock updates on social networking sites Facebook and Twitter as soon as we hear about it.

If you are looking for a Prime hydration drink stock tracker that is free, we are the only website you need to get your hands on Prime.

We would like to let you know that we are not the creators of the Prime Tracker UK app found on Apple App Store.

While we are working on a free alternative that will be hosted here on our website, without the need to buy the app for your phone, we currently only offer our stock updates via our social networks at this time. 

So if you are looking for the UK Prime Tracker app on iPhone or the Prime Tracker Android version, we are not the creators and you should head to your app store to locate them, however if you would like a free Prime drink tracker alternative, we welcome you to our family, make sure to drop us a follow on our socials to keep updated on the latest stock.

Yes, our online UK Prime Tracker website if completely free to use.

We have worked hard to ensure that we are keeping up to date with the latest Prime drink stock across the UK.

To achieve this we supply all of our stock updates via our social networking accounts over on Twitter and Facebook.

To get free Prime hydration stock information, head to our socials and make sure to drop us a follow, its free – Just like our service.